Integrations between all kinds of systems and formats, for simple csv import or complex long-running transactions, we have the experience of handling this by use of Scribe, SSIS and Custom .NET code


With many years of experience handling CRM and xRM solutions from version 3.0 up to the latest, we can build your next solution using the newest technology and also support your current deployment.


If you have any special needs, use us for your next application. We have great knowledge on building desktop and mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows platforms, as well as making apps working offline.

We give your data value so, your business can grow!

The benefits from developing system integrations, makes it possible to use the power in each system, instead of trying to have a complex system doing it all. It also makes data transparency across systems, business units and countries.
Integration enhances the power of your data, allowing you to run a more efficient business and treat your customers better, helping you stay ahead of the competition..

Anders Jeppesen – Founder of Anjep Consulting


We are a dedicated team working with CRM and integrations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and software development within .NET and mobile development for Android, iOS, Windows. Integrations using Scribe and SSIS. Our customers range from Enterprise to Mid-size.